Lao Sui

Lao Sui was a student of several Shaolin animal systems, and by the time he had reached his early twenties, he had already acquired a reputation. The woodlands surrounding his home village were known to be riddled with wolves, and locals lived in fear as these hungry animals had taken to attacking villagers during the night.

One dark evening, Lao Sui was making his way along the perimeter of the village, when he was set upon by a vichious wolf. The animal lashed at Lao Sui, and, snarling, leapt for his throat. The speed of the wolf was no match for the reflexes of the young Kung Fu student. He sidestepped the oncoming attack and, as the wolf turned and leapt again, Lao Soi delivered an unforgiving kick to the animals throat, knocking it to the ground. Before the predator had an opportunity to rise and attack once more, Lao Sui moved in with a heavy stamp, finishing his adversary off for good.

When villagers heard of this incident, they were keen to learn the skills Lao Sui had employed to defend himself. His name spread throughout the region and soon many people were coming to him for tuition.

One afternoon, the young Sifu was demonstrating several of the animal systems to his students in the village square. As he displayed his skill to the onlookers, a monk stepped from the crowd and said ‘young man, your Kung Fu is barely better than nothing at all. How is it that you feel able to teach anyone?

Luckily, Lao Sui was of humble character. Instead of being insulted, he bowed to the monk and said ‘from what you say, your Kung Fu must be very good.’

The monk told Lao Soi that he was welcome to test his skill, and offered the young man initial strike. Lao Sui accepted, advancing with a powerful straight punch.

The monk appeared to move ever so slightly. Even so, young Lao was hurled some distance away. Lao Sui realised that the Monk had just demonstrated something that was far beyond his abilities. He recognised the Monk’s martial skill was far superior.

Kneeling before the Monk, he asked if he would accept him as his student, and the kindly Wong Fook Go agreed..

Lao Sui invited Wong Fook Go back to his home for tea. Once seated he asked ‘I felt as if I had been shocked by lightning when I made contact with you. How is it that you move so fast?’

The Monk laughed and said ‘you possess great strength, but I was able to redirect it back to you. Therefore it was your own strength which you felt. The technique I used takes its force from internal energy, known as ‘Chi’, except that my system refines this energy into something known as Geng Khan (Shock Power). Consider the mantis. This small insect has an explosive power, which enables it to overcome opponents many times its own size. Follow my teachings diligently, and you too can achieve this kind of power’.

Lao Sui had proved that his character was indeed worthy of learning this high level of Kung Fu. The afternoon of the demonstration, the Wong Fook Go had been watching Lao Sui perform, and knew that the young man had great potential as a Kung Fu master. When WOng Fook Go had stepped into the arena that afternoon, his words had been a test. Luckily, Lao Sui had shown humility, which is why the monk had decided to accept him as his student.

Six years later, the Monk had passed all of his knowledge on to Lao Sui, and the Master and student parted company. Wong Fook Go continued to travel and seek his enlightenment.

Lao Sui, as a gesture of respect to his Sifu and SiGung, named his fighting system ‘Chows Family Praying Mantis’. He founded schools in China where many thousands of students came to learn from the great Master.

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