Ip Shui

Lao Sui moved to Hong Kong in 1913, and established a school in the Hung Hom area of Kowloon. He taught many people during his time there including Cheah Chung, Tam Wah, Chu Goon Wah, Lam Wah, Yip Hai, and Chai Ng

One day a couple of students from a rival school came to visit, and demonstrated their kung fu. Lao Sui commented that it was good enough, but that they were doing the wrong style.

So it was that in 1931, Ip Shiu began training with Lao Sui. During the Japanese invasion of Hong Kong, Ip Shui and his wife helped Lao Soi – feeding and nursing the aging master. To thank the couple for their kindness, Lao Sui wrote down the essence of the Chow Gar Praying Mantis fighting theories and presented it to them, in addition to passing on the secrets of the art.

Ip Shui began teaching in the 1948 at Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom, soon establishing a reputation as a superb martial artist – he was well known for this excellence at Routines, Leigukung, Jingchanjing as well as Tanglang-puchangun.

With deep sadness on 27th April 2004 Grand Master Ip Shui passed away.

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